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“Admin Script Editor (ASE) is much more than its name would imply. ASE provides an integrated set of timesaving features including code generation, packaging and deployment, help and other tools.”iTripoli


First off, iTripoli is no longer in business so this is a product that is no longer supported. Secondly, I was one of the creators of this product and so take this into account when I tell you that it is awesome.

One problem with ASE is that it did so much that it was difficult for anyone to even be aware of it all, let alone find it all valuable. A full list of features has been posted here in the AppDetails forums.

Aside from providing a packaging tool that let you distribute your scripts as self-extracting executables, it also provided a drag and drop interface for building complex dialogs and forms. The combination of the two made it possible for IT pros to create their own utilities using scripting languages for application development.

We are happy to provide the final version of Admin Script Editor free to our users. It is provided as-is and is to be used at your own risk. As a discontinued product with the vendor no longer in business, there are no warranties, nor updates or support for this product.

Key things to know

  • Code Generation Wizards

    There are lots of wizards and tools to generate code included. Just point and click to generate code for WMI, ADSI, XML, DB and more using intuitive wizards. Browse your local WMI database, active directory or point to a database and browse and choose items to generate read and write code in PowerShell, VBscript, KiXtart and AutoIt. A drag and drop Logon Script Builder component is also provided to create scripts without even knowing how to script. Finally, a graphical interface designer offers the ability to create scripts indistinguishable from a full-blown application.

  • Highly Customizable

    Most every aspect is customizable. You can choose the colors, hide or dock various controls, change between two sets of toolbar icons. Create your own templates, even your own wizards. Link to your favorite sites and tools. Even automatic formatting and correction options offer many settings to facilitate complete control.

  • Packaging and Deployment

    The most innovative feature introduced was its ScriptPackager. Instead of providing people a copy of your script and instructions about how to launch it, package the script and any required resources into a self-extracting executable. Also highly customizable, you can have it show a system tray icon and message and even set it to run under alternate credentials so you can provide scripts able to execute actions the logged on user may not have privileges to perform.

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The Admin Script Editor is now available exclusively here at AppDetails. The price? Anything you feel appropriate (and $0 is just fine). As a product with no further development or support, any amount provided would be simply to support this site and does not entitle one to updates or support which are unavailable for this particular product.


If you have comments about this product, please leave a reply below. However, if you have a correction to make as a community member or as the owner of this software, we encourage you to contact us directly.

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