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“One Software Deployment Tool for Reliable Application Packaging, Virtualization, Windows Migrations and Mobile Application Management”Flexera


AdminStudio by Flexera is indisputably the most popular repackaging software on the market. Once battling for market share against the likes of Wise Package Studio, it has taken over since that product’s demise in 2011. There are however many products still fighting for second place.

It can naturally create Windows Installer setups by comparing system states before and after target software is installed, but it can also watch the system for changes to determine proper contents. For your existing Windows Installer packages, AdminStudio can help build response transforms to more easily automate installation choices.

While creating customized deployments is the main action, AdminStudio is designed to help with the entire lifecycle; managing request with its App Portal store and helping to automate and standardize testing with its QA features.

It also integrates with a wide range of deployment solutions to help the hand-off to your systems management solution.

Key things to know

  • Feature Rich

    There is a very extensive list of capabilities that comes with having been in the market for so long and continuing to grow and enhance its list of features. Many might say it does too much, and if you are one of those people you’ll be happy to hear there are multiple editions and add-ons to tailor the solution to meet your needs.

  • Multiple Editions

    There are Standard, Professional and Enterprise editions as well as some “limited” editions for ZENworks and LANDesk. However, the limited editions are extremely limited and serve more as a marketing tool to drive awareness than to provide helpful functionality.

  • Add-Ons Available

    Despite including a very full range of capabilities, there are also add-ins to extend its capabilities further, including: Virtualization, Inventory and Rationalization, Application Compatability and another to add capabilities for Mobile and Mac.

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