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“We are the right partner when it comes to software management in case of SAM, license management, evaluation, packaging, quality control, compatibility management, and deployment.”Raynet


Raynet is headquartered in Paderborn, Germany and has additional locations throughout the region as well as locations in the USA, Poland, the UK and the Netherlands.

For over 15 years, Raynet has supported hundreds of customers and partners with its products and solutions for enterprise application management projects worldwide. These include license management, software packaging, software deployment, migrations, and client engineering. Additionally, Raynet maintains and cultivates strong partnerships with several companies in Application Lifecycle Management.

Key things to know

  • Services

    Software packaging services are offered both onsite at the customer’s location, remotely in one of Raynet’s packaging factories or a mix of both. To carry out testing, they use an image corresponding to the standard client of the customer. As a benefit of their software investment, Raynet can also leverage their RayFlow workflow solution to manage the project. For Software Asset Management (SAM) services provided, Raynet again has their own tools to lean on. They focus on pulling in as much data as possible from as many sources as possible to validate and confirm a true record of your assets.

  • Software

    Raynet offers a suite of tools including inventory, packaging and workflow solutions (also sold separately). More than just packaging, their RayFlow product ties together several components that address the full process of packaging, from assessment, evaluation and documentation to quality testing and deployment. For deployment, they offer connectors to SCCM and other management solutions, but also have their own RayManageSoft solution.

  • Packaging Offerings

    Raynet’s RayPack product is a leading packaging solution full of impressive features built up over years of enhancement. Recently, Raynet began making moves to address the need for packaging in yet another way with it’s Package Store offering. Here, on a per-application basis, one can purchase custom installation wizards for third party software to help expose the unique configuration options for each application while still allowing the choice of which options and settings to specify.


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