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“Road Map Technologies combines strong technical skills with significant hands-on application integration experience to supply a practical, actionable integration solution”Road Map Technologies


Providing services and software sales, Road Map Technologies specialize application packaging and deployment.

Located in Saint Louis, MO, their client verticals are primarily focused in the areas of healthcare, finance, and gas and oil.

Partners include Flexera, PACE, Raynet and others.

Key things to know

  • Application Packaging Services

    Road Map Technologies provides end-to-end application remediation services from discovery to deployment. They can work to both create new packages and help migrate existing packages between older products or technologies. They can help to implement an application remediation solution. Furthermore, they can standardize your workflow of application deliverables to multiple platforms using different deployment technologies as needed.

  • Software Sales

    While the services provided are product agnostic, Road Map Technologies do sell related tools including AppSense, Citrix Connect, and products from CyberNetics, PACE, and Raynet.

  • Custom Tools

    In implementing products and solutions for customers, they have produced some tools relevant to the AppDetails audience including App-V Remote which has been productized as PackManager for App-V.


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