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“UltraEdit is a powerful disk-based text editor, programmer’s editor, and hex editor that is used to edit HTML, PHP, javascript, Perl, C/C++, Python, and virtually any other coding/programming language.”IDM Computer Solutions, Inc


UltraEdit by IDM Computer Solutions, Inc. is the leading text/script/code editor on the market.

Key things to know

  • Feature Rich

    It does everything you think you want and a ton of things you didn’t know were possible. Their feature list is mind-numbing.

  • Language Support

    It is available in English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish. However, that isn’t what we are talking about here. UltraEdit comes with built in support for about any scripting or coding language you can come up with. Support for what you need is likely built in and ready to go, but if not, they maintain a repository of over 600 other languages that can be easily added.

  • Friendly Licensing

    One license entitles you to three installations on multiple devices, which is made even more valuable a prospect by the fact that they offer UltraEdit for Windows, Mac, and Linux!

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