App-V Now Included in Windows 10

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With Windows 10, version 1607 and later releases, Application Virtualization (App-V) is included with Windows 10 for Enterprise (and Windows 10 for Education).

The App-V client is installed on user devices automatically and no longer has to be deployed separately. Performing an in-place upgrade to Windows 10, version 1607, on user devices automatically installs the client.

Its application sequencer is available from the Windows 10 Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK). In its previous releases, the application sequencer was included in the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack. Although you’ll need to use the new application sequencer to create new virtualized applications, existing virtualized applications are reported to work without modification.

This is a big step in the right direction toward more widespread adoption of application virtualization. I’ve long-hoped for less friction in accessing App-V but there is still room for improvement. While it is naturally enterprise customers that have interest in it today, I’d love to see this technology included in all editions of Windows so it could have a chance to be adopted as a vendor-provided setup format in the future.


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