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“The fastest, easiest and most reliable tool to package your applications”Infopulse


Infopulse offers PACE Suite which focuses on ease of use while also offering a wide range of functionality. It boasts an intuitive interface that hides the complexities of what lies beneath so you can create packages quickly and easily. The company has been providing application packaging services since 2005 and have applied the skills they have developed to produce a strong solution.

Key things to know

  • Easy to Use

    Ease of use is key in products like a packaging solution and Infopulse has kept this a top focus in the development of PACE Suite. Windows Installer is not easy, but it is made as simple as possible by hiding the dirty details behind a much simpler user interface, while naturally still providing access to a table editor for those that wish to go there.

  • Comprehensive

    The PACE Suite provides pretty much all the features you would expect. I don’t see a whole lot of room for innovation in repackaging so today it is more about covering all the bases and PACE Suite has them covered.

  • Friendly Licensing

    PACE Suite editions have a friendly per-engineer licensing model, allowing a licensed user to run the software on multiple physical and virtual machines, including those in a client’s environment. Infopulse claims that this ensures much lower cost of ownership than that of some competitive products (due to the more stringent licensing requirements of most other products).. Licenses are perpetual and include a year of maintenance. Already competitively priced, governmental and non-profit organizations may receive a 50% discount.

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