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“Manage, secure, and service all of your network-connected devices with the KACE K1000 Systems Management Appliance. Inventory all hardware and software, painlessly patch mission-critical applications and operating systems, and assure software license compliance”Quest Software


Formerly known as the K1000 (and before that, the KBOX), the KACE Systems Management Appliance was established in 2003 and was later acquired by Dell in 2010. Just recently it moved to Quest Software when Dell Software business was sold off.

Like a few other products I’m writing about on this site, I must disclose that I have a history with it. I joined the company when it acquired my AppDeploy.com community in 2007 and until mid-2016 I ran its Product Management group.

While I was never in sales, I obviously understand a lot about how it is positioned and am happy to provide honest answers to any questions.

It is a strong product that is price competitive, feature competitive and it is well accepted that it is easier to use than it’s enterprise-focused competitors.

Especially (but not exclusively) for smaller smaller companies, it does quite well primarily in green-field opportunities. KACE also frequently displaces systems like SCCM where the solution was too cumbersome/complex for their small IT staff to have been successful.

Key things to know

  • Feature Rich

    As an all-in-one solution, the KACE Systems Management Appliance includes a wide range of integrated features including inventory and software asset management, deployment and configuration management, patching and security (including third-party applications) and even includes a service desk with a self-service user portal.

  • Easy to Use

    With a focus on the mid-market (less than 5000 seats) the KACE Systems Management Appliance focuses on ease of use as a key aspect. Being easy to use also appeals to larger organizations so some customers have as many as 60,000 seats. For larger organizations like this, it is normally a contender when operations are largely segregated as the concept of a master/child site or any hierarchal role based privileges is not supported.

  • Delivered as an Appliance

    The KACE Systems Management Appliance’s all-in-one approach means you need not install any servers, databases or middleware to support the solution; and more importantly, you need not update and patch these components. Available as both a physical appliance and as a virtual appliance it can be up and running very quickly and updated with a relative ease not possible with competitive solutions.

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