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“Setup Commander Professional Edition supports every vendor MSI. By using our ‘as a service’ infrastructure we either provide you an already available Configuration Wizard for vendor MSI’s of vendors like Adobe, Apple, Autodesk, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, RES and VMware or Setup Commander will auto-generate a Configuration Wizard for you instantaneously.” ROVABU Software


Setup Commander provides custom installation wizards for Windows Installer setups. There are many that have been specially created, but even when it is a new setup that its never seen, it is capable of scanning the MSI for options to create one dynamically. You can even share the resulting wizard back to ROVABU Software with requests so that they can then formalize support for any such “new” applications.

This product was not one that I had any hand in aside from the initial conversation that sparked its creation.

Although not yet well-known, Setup Commander has the potential to really disrupt the packaging world in a positive way. A subscription to Setup Commander is essentially like hiring your own packaging expert.

Key things to know

  • Support for Common Apps

    I should say “known” apps and not common apps as many of the application supported are arguably not very common. You’ll find an extensive list of applications that offer specialized support here, and offers known support for over 1,800 applications. ROVABU has examined all these setups and simplified the available customizations down to simple pick lists and checkboxes. The number of possible customizations naturally varies between applications, but not only do things seem to be well covered today, but they are also soliciting feedback and doing continual research to update and enhance support for these applications (while naturally growing the list of applications with specialized support over time).

  • Dynamic Support for Uncommon Apps

    So you have an in-house application, a industry specific application or maybe one that is just old and uncommon enough that you don’t expect it to be covered? Setup Commander can look into any MSI setup and identify configurable options, thereby creating a dynamic custom installation wizard for any setup.

  • Available in Multiple Flavors

    Setup Commander is for any distribution system but boasts special support for SCCM, KACE, GPOs, etc. There is also a ZENworks version of the product called Bundle Commander. It is available as a subscription so you can enjoy support for all known (and unknown) applications for a single fee. Other purchase options are planned.

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