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“The enterprise mobility platform that keeps your users productive and simplifies management and security for IT.”VMware


AirWatch was acquired by VMware in 2014. It is the market leading mobile management solution and has been making strides toward desktop management as well. Not traditional client management, but rather providing the level of support for desktop operating systems as supported by Windows and Apple via their mobility APIs.

AirWatch is essentially selling true Unified Endpoint Management today by providing a single console and underlying technology to manage all devices. This however means that what can be done on Windows and Mac is lacking when compared to traditional agent management, but if you only have the latest operating systems and are satisfied with the current level of management support, AirWatch provides UEM ahead of its time (and it will surely improve as OS support improves).

AirWatch was built with integration in mind and offers an API to integrate a large number of other solutions that have leveraged it.

AirWatch offers cloud subscriptions ranging from $4.33 to $9.33 per device, per month. There is also a stripped down Express edition for just $2.50 per device, per month. Combining AirWatch with VMware Identify Manager, they also offer Workspace ONE subscriptions from $4 to $12 per device, per month.

Key things to know

  • Broad Support

    It supports just about everything when it comes to platforms including Android, Apple iOS, Apple TV, BlackBerry, Chrome OS, Mac OS X, Symbian, Tizen, and Windows platforms. Just what it can do with each of these platforms naturally varies based on what management APIs exist (specifically, mobile management APIs).

  • BYOD Support

    AirWatch can help to separate work and personal apps and data on employee-owned devices to address employee privacy concerns. Leveraging a single sign-on, one can access native, web and remote applications. It even provides a privacy app to educate users about work data separation to increase BYOD program adoption.

  • Productivity Apps

    It provides four productivity applications of its own including Browser (for web a web browser), VMware Socialcast (for chat and collaboration needs). By leveraging these apps, you gain separation, security and control over corporate data. On premises, cloud or dedicated cloud models are supported, as well as support for critical business apps like Office 365, Salesforce, Google Apps and others.

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