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“Coronation provides services and training for application management, which is the area we have specialized ourselves in. Our goal is to always provide the right conditions at the right price and thus meet all our customers’ needs and requirements.”Coronation


A Swedish company Founded in 2009, Coronation offers services in the areas of client and application management, development and testing.

Coronation are packaging specialists, they are experts in many most of the leading tools, such as Admin Studio, Wise Package Studio, PACE, App-V, and ThinApp.

Key things to know

  • Packaging Specialists

    Packaging is their core business and the area in which they work best. They have experience and expertise in most all related products and technologies.

  • Deployment Specialists

    With packaging often comes deployment, so expertise in distributing packages are often requested. Over the years Coronation have familiarized themselves with most of the market’s distribution tools, including SCCM, Radia & SpecOps.

  • Scripting Specialists

    With an “everything can be solved” motto, they employ a team strong in scripting knowledge in order to work around issues if and when they are encountered.


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