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“Manage all your devices inside or outside your network from the cloud without the need to deploy agents.”Verismic


Cloud Management Suite is a SaaS based product that provides patch management (Microsoft and third-party), remote control, inventory/reporting, and software distribution functions. It is advertised as agent-less, but does dynamically load a desolating agent as needed (it removes itself after doing what is required and does not persist on the system like a typical agent would).

Verismic also sells Cloud Management Suite as a solution for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) which is how they use it themselves via their own services.

Key things to know

  • Patching and Deployment

    Covers Microsoft as well as some major third-party vendors like Adobe, Sun, and Google. legacy setups as Windows Installer (MSI) packages with discovery and editing capabilities. Where you already have an MSI to work with, it can be used to create or edit transform files. It can report on device health by checking the severity rating of any missing patches and running vulnerability scans. Deployments are initiated from the cloud leveraging an interactive wizard allowing for control of deployment speeds and installation methods. Payloads for patches and software are shared between systems to reduce bandwidth requirements.

  • Remote Control

    An web-based remote control solution that requires no client (or server) installation, running completely from your HTML5 enabled browser. Activity is recorded for auditing purposes and additional features like chat and file transfer are also included to further help remote assistance. The same technology is also leveraged to provide remote desktop access so that end users can access there systems from outside the office.

  • Discovery and Inventory

    Detect and inventory devices and generate audit reports. Discovery activity may be scheduled to run at predetermined times and frequencies and is agent-less (again leveraging its dissolving agent). A history of inventory is maintained to track changes and aid in troubleshooting endpoints.

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