Advanced Installer

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Advanced Installer
“Powerful and easy to use Windows Installer authoring tool. Install, update and configure your products safely, securely and reliably.”Caphyon Ltd.


In the battle to fill the hole left by Wise Package Studio’s exit from the market, Caphyon’s Advanced Installer provides strong contender. It features a wide range of functionality but most that you’ll care about as an admin are to be found in its most expensive edition (Architect, $2,999 including 6 months of maintenance).

Their website is among the best product sites I’ve seen with lots of screen shots and tutorials throughout its extensive feature lists (this is how you market to IT pros!).

Like many other setup authoring solutions, it has a number of features designed for developers but it’s admin support is impressive. Check out some videos and tutorials to see for yourself.

Key things to know

  • Many Available Editions

    You needn’t pay for what you don’t need with so many editions available: Free, Professional, Java, Enterprise and Architect. But as an admin, you’ll find yourself looking squarely at the Architect edition as this is the one that includes the repackager and application virtualization capabilities. You’ll find the top features for the Architect edition here but to highlight a few: You can control Hyper-V and VMware instances from within the repackager, you can convert captured installations to AppX format, you can import and directly edit App-V 5.x packages. ThinApp support is also provided as an output format and can be imported into a project.

  • Comprehensive Repackaging

    From an Admin perspective, a good repackager is crucial and Advanced Installer has it covered. It utilizes the standard method of comparing before and after-installation system snapshots, but not just on your local development machine, but it also makes it easy to do so from a VMware or Hyper-V virtual machine. Their scanning boasts support for some situations where you may not expect a snapshot to be effective such as for detecting the installation of services, drivers, scheduled tasks, firewall settings and more. It is even clever enough to help detect embedded MSI installs that may be spawned by an executable setup to help you avoid the common pitfall of accidentally repackaging MSI setups.

  • Application Virtualization Support

    Advanced Installer can asses and help you plan your packaging options by validating your existing projects against compatibility rules for App-V and ThinApp. It then offers automated fixes (e.g. store drivers in a separate MSI). Bypass the standard sequencing process for App-V packages by converting MSI packages directly and using its direct graphical and command line editors for App-V packages. A tutorial on creating an App-V package with Advanced Installer is provided here.

  • Graphical MSI Editor

    If you’ve looked at any MSI packaging tool, you know to expect a GUI editor as an alternative to direct editing of tables. Advanced Installer’s user interface is as easy as you’d hope. Work with files and folders as you would in Windows Explorer. Configuring registry entries is based on the Registry Editor experience in Windows. It allows you to configure MSI installers on the fly and save changes as MST transform files, App-V or ThinApp package types. If you want to have access to more complex features you must migrate to an Advanced Installer project using the MSI import. However, a MSI Quick-Edit feature can be useful when carrying out simple changes such as adding Merge Modules or performing ICE Validations and Fixes.

Screen Shots


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One Comment on “Advanced Installer”

  1. Some Key features I love the most about Advanced Installer:
    1. Auto ICE fix ( many many packagers get frustrated with this part)
    2. Repackager Assistant which helps in making documentation quite easy.
    3. AppX creation.
    4. Detect Drivers when sequencing App-V package and provide as a separate MSI.
    Totally this product deserves the best. Thumbs Up!!!


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