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“Our goal is to reduce management and facilitation costs by providing one version of the truth and speeding up the flow of information to disparate teams.”MigrationStudio/AppTracker Team


AppTracker provides an easy to use workflow management tool for application management, MigrationStudio aims to add several migration-focused features to complete the process.

Click here for an article I wrote on ITNinja that provides a more in-depth look at AppTracker. Note though that the article was written before MigrationStudio was introduced and some features were moved to MigrationStudio. If you are familiar with AppTracker and want a quick look at what features landed where, check out their Product Comparison page.

Key things to know

  • Accelerates Workflow

    AppTracker helps you to speed up application delivery by centrally tracking each application through the lifecycle: Initial request from our Portal, discovery and packaging, monitoring defects and dependencies, QA, managed UAT, then adding your apps to deployments tools via automation.

  • Status and Testing Dashboards and Reporting

    AppTracker’s configurable Dashboard allows everyone to gain “at a glance” insights with filters to help focus on what matters to any given audience. Using AppTracker to define set of QA standards will help you to ensure consistency to realize increase success.

  • Highly Customizable

    AppTracker allows you to customise the standard processes each application will pass through (typically something along the lines of Identify, Discover, Packaging, QA, UAT, Deploy, Live) and it supports sub-processes with SLA controls so that a package can sit in “Packaging, On-hold” while we wait for the procurement team to tell us what the licence key is for a product without this impacting its SLA. AppTracker is offered as a hosted solution in Microsoft Azure as “AppTracker Cloud”. Locally it runs on SQL and IIS server.

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