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“MigrationStudio enables organisations to accelerate their IT migration projects by aggregating data from multiple sources and providing a “single pane of glass” view of the estate.”MigrationStudio/AppTracker Team


While their AppTracker product provides a simple to use workflow management tool for application management, MigrationStudio aims to add several migration-focused features to complete the process.

It adds features like user and machine workflows, application rationalization, automated prioritization, user surveys, migration scheduling and what-if analysis. MigrationStudio gets you through your migration and includes AppTracker to continue application management afterwards.

Key things to know

  • User and Machine Workflow

    Track users, their applications and devices along with survey data and their migration schedule. For machines, you can follow their progress through migration along with hardware to help with migration related decisions. MigrationStudio also facilitates end user notifications by sending reminder/status emails to keep users informed throughout the project, and follows up the migration with satisfaction surveys.

  • Application Rationalization and Prioritization

    MigrationStudio includes a capability they call Migration Studio Dynamic Rationalization (MDR) which helps to reduce the number of applications being managed. For the applications you will be migrating, it helps you to prioritize application readiness by providing reports to show an organization’s application status. It may be that a small number of pending packages need be completed for one department, while another area of the company has a long list of outstanding packages before it will be ready for a migration. You can also rationalize application priorities by individual users. Which application will affect the most users? Which will enable the most users to be closer to 100% covered? By slicing your organization up into sections and looking at their needs, AppTracker helps you to get more users across the finish line faster.

  • What-If Analysis

    When was the last time you had a project that wasn’t threatened by scope creep? MigrationStudio’s What-If Analysis lets you simulate different scenarios so you can plan for change and communicate the impact of changes to your migration project.

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