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“Automatically package and deploy software and operating systems, patch vulnerabilities, and discover software and hardware assets across desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and servers.”HEAT Software


HEAT Software’s Desktop & Server Management (DSM) is a multi-platform solution for a wide range of systems management capabilities for full lifecycle management: asset discovery and inventory and asset management, OS provisioning with user state migration, remote control, software packaging/distribution and patch management. Although part of the HEAT (formerly Lumension) portfolio for some times, old-timers may recall HEAT DSM was formerly known as Enteo or NetInstall.

HEAT groups DSM in it’s UEM category of products along with HEAT LANrev which has a number of overlapping capabilities. It is unclear how long both solutions will be sold individually (if you have anything to share on this I’m asking for input here in our forums).

Key things to know

  • Software Packaging & Scripting Engine

    HEAT DSM features integrated packaging capabilities that automate packaging of operating systems, applications, system configurations, drivers and more with packaging and scripting wizards that do not rely on 3rd party packaging tools. It’s “mouse-driven” application packaging engine boasts a software and configuration packaging workbench designed by administrators for administrators. Promising is HEAT’s claim that it comes with integrated expert knowledge that can simplify the configuration of the desktop and servers. Desired settings can be automated using the wizards and the dialog based script editor of the Packaging Workbench (roughly 170 commands are available.) They also include prepackaged configuration templates to perform tasks like configuring firewalls, security settings, service configurations, local password changes, and more.

  • Software Lifecycle Management

    HEAT DSM automates software provisioning, configuration and remediation tasks to manage physical, virtual, and mobile endpoints across. Discovery, inventory, deployment, patching and license management cover the spectrum of the application lifecycle from installation to retirement. Patching is their specialty as they leverage their market-leading PatchLink solution to get the job done for not just operating systems but a good list of major third party applications.

  • Policy Based Management

    With HEAT DSM you can assign software to users and devices so you can manage the installation of user-related and device-centric software. Compliance is monitored autonomously, and any exceptions to the predetermined policies are flagged immediately so that IT can take necessary actions.

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  2. I’m working with DSM and its predecessors for almost 20 years now. Still impressed by its capabilities, ease of use (once you’re in it 😉 and the plethora of possibilities. Very comprehensive infrastructure support (WAN-environments, DMZ, etc.), powerful scripting-engine and state of the art policy-based targetting and assignments. Could write a whole book of the features, options, possibilities and usage scenarios, but that would lead a little bit too far.

    In my opinion, still the best Client Management system out there…

    Thanks Frank


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