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“Gain full management of Windows and Mac computers including software distribution, packaging, inventory, and more. And get native management of Apple Technologies, including iOS, Mac OS X, VPP, DEP, and more.”HEAT Software


In September of 2015, HEAT acquired Absolute Manage from Absolute Software (who moved their focus to security). HEAT rebranded Absolute Manage as HEAT LANrev.

HEAT offers LANrev Client Management as its policy-based Unified Endpoint Managmeent solution for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. You’ll find a lot of overlap with the features advertised for it’s HEAT DSM product (including patch management, remote control, packaging, deployment and license management to name a few).

That said, HEAT LANrev appears to be the preferred solution as compared to HEAT DSM and boasts an impressive set of endpoint systems management features.

Key things to know

  • Mac Management

    While it does have strong Windows support, HEAT LANrev markets its Apple endpoint management capabilities heavily. To support its promise of Unified Endpoint Management, It’s native support for Apple technologies does span both iOS and OS X operating systems. It also supports Volume Purchase Program (VPP) and Device Enrollment Program (DEP) on both operating systems.

  • Software and Patch Deployment

    Automated packaging of Windows and Mac software is realized with the snapshot-driven InstallEase product (which was another product that was part of the Absolute Manage acquisition). It supports unattended installations, but also self-service installations. Patching capabilities are strong leveraging its PatchLink solution which supports a full range of Windows, Mac, Linux, and third party application security patches.

  • Remote Management

    Power Management capabilities allow you to set and enforce power policies and includes reports for tracking peer savings. It also includes its own remote control solution so you can troubleshoot issues remotely. LANrev Remote, built into LANrev, allows IT admins to view remote screens and operate remote computers just as if they were sitting in front of them. It’s fully cross-platform, allowing control of Macs from Windows and vice versa. You can even remotely control Samsung Android devices.

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