System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)

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“System Center Configuration Manager is designed to keep you up to date by working with the latest Windows updates, as well as updates to mobile devices when integrated with Microsoft Intune.”Microsoft


Formerly known as Systems Management Server (SMS), System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) is focused on desktop and server operating systems and can be integrated with InTune for mobile management in a hybrid configuration. SCCM can also be deployed with Exchange integration to realize combined desktop and mobile device management, however it is less capable in this configuration (no support over Internet, no software deployment, etc.). For more details on managing devices with Microsoft Exchange see this article from Microsoft.

A large part of its success is due to its friendly licensing policy. Microsoft pushes its Enterprise Agreement (EA) on most customers and SCCM is included with EA. It is however aimed at supporting enterprise environments with dedicated staff and is fairly complex to manage. Therefore it is often not a good fit for companies needing to manage less than about 5000 computers. With complexity a factor, offering an easier to implement, support and operate solution is typically how competing products like KACE, HEAT LANrev, and Matrix42 choose to differentiate when presenting themselves to the SMB market.

It is also worth pointing out that because SCCM has such a large share of the market, some products exist to complement SCCM as opposed to competing with it.

As with Windows itself, SCCM is now updated more regularly and with a focus on making those updates easy to apply so the promise is that new features and enhancements will be coming more frequently than in the past.

Key things to know

  • Enable Users

    Users can self-provision applications through a company portal and check for compliance using a interface that is consistent across devices and platforms. Users can view, install, and run corporate applications across devices and can have VPN, WiFi, email profiles and authentication settings managed to help get them easier access to company resources.

  • Unify IT Management Infrastructure

    Settings management capabilities allow youth enforce configurations, trigger console alerts, provide reporting, and utilize pre-built industry standard baseline templates. SCCM also provides visibility into at-risk devices through jailbreak and root detection for iOS and Android devices. It also supports installation of site servers in Azure Virtual Machines and uses in-console monitoring to track software distribution and report on infrastructure utilization. To cover security aspects of systems management, SCCM integrates with System Center Endpoint Protection to remediate vulnerabilities and deploy updates.

  • Simplify IT Administration

    SCCM helps to provide applications to users while defining the best delivery mechanism for each application to a device based on the platform being used. SCCM also provides the ability to differentiate application installs between corporate and personal devices. It provides image and scripted OS deployments including in-place upgrades. SCCM provides a console view of client health, with threshold-based console alerts, hardware/software inventory, and upgrade status. For Windows 10, it can identify, report and update on systems not up to date.

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