Raynet Packaging Suite

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“Packaging Suite includes powerful tools with new features that automate and accelerate holistic packaging projects.”Raynet


If you can see past what may seem a confusing and sometimes repetitive naming strategy, you’ll find a very nice set of integrated tools for handling packaging projects. While many of the tools included in the Raynet Packaging Suite feature the same look and feel, the tool that connects them all is Raynet’s workflow solution, Rayflow. This product provides an overall view of your packaging projects and connects the tools outlined below to achieve each function…

Key things to know

  • Application Readiness

    As part of the Raynet Packaging Suite, RayQC Advanced executes automatic collision and compatibility tests. The tests allow one to determine whether a software package is fit for usage within your environment, to confirm it will not conflict with other applications and can includes support for traditional and virtualized packages. The test results may then be used during the evaluation phase…

  • Software Evaluation

    RayEval is next provided to document installations (and other tasks if desired) by producing a collection of screenshots and step-by-step procedures. By documenting all customer requirements and configurations, you avoid any need to explain how a package was produced in the future. It is easy to use and can easily include results from the collision and compatibility testing.

  • Software Packaging

    Next RayPack is included to enable packaging and re-packaging of software applications. It supports creation and editing of classic software package formats such as MSI, MST and MSP as well as virtual package formats such as App-V, ThinApp and SWV. Tests are provided to ensure that the created software package works correctly according to the documents of the evaluation and the technical analysis phases.

  • Quality Assurance

    Finally, RayQC is provided in the Raynet Packaging Suite as a rule-based tool to create and execute test criteria. It offers various modules to check the quality of applications and software packages.

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