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“We do Microsoft Enterprise Solutions the Right Way.”Big Hat Group


Big Hat Group is based in Calgary, Alberta. They work locally, but have also worked with clients from across North America and Europe. The company delivers its services using MVPs and leading industry consultants. It was founded with the intent of being a specialized consultancy to ensure that their focus would remain on services that provide value through project-based engagements designed to help transform an organization’s infrastructure.

Key things to know

  • Consulting Services

    Big Hat Group consultants have a long history with Microsoft Windows, System Center, Virtualization and other supporting management technologies.

  • App-V Specialists

    One of Big Hat Group’s key founders is Kevin Kaminski who is well known in the community as arguably the most knowledgeable and dedicated Microsoft Application Virtualization specialists.

  • Specialized Training

    Big Hat Group regularly hosts public classes in App-V 5.1 based on their Advanced training course which was created by App-V MVPs. They offer private sessions. They have been maintaining and delivering Microsoft Application Virtualization master classes since 2007.


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