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“Bomgar Remote Support is the secret sauce of the top support organizations in the world. With this one secure solution, you’ll do more than what many companies attempt with ten or more remote tools.”Bomgar


Bomgar Remote Support is the industry’s leading enterprise support tool. It supports desktops and servers, and also mobile devices (iOS/Android). It includes a number of capabilities that make it suitable for larger environments such as its Atlas Cluster Technologies, which lets you set up multiple Bomgar Appliances in geographic clusters for regional load balancing of support.

It is also designed to support integration with systems management and ticketing systems. This can make it easy for you to access its chat, remote control and other support capabilities from the place you’d most want to access them. Several integrations are readily available and others can be built using their published APIs.

With Bomgar Remote Support, the common regulatory requirement to log remote support activity is also well addressed. Detailed reports and even video recordings give you historical insight into support activity. Plus, you can monitor sessions in real time.

Key things to know

  • Tech Support Solution

    Bomgar takes its support capabilities up a notch by providing chat support, screen sharing, CRM integration, end user surveys and a support portal. You can provide “annotations” to draw on the remote desktop during remote support sessions or presentations. A “Bomber Button” can be deployed to provide a simple support request trigger. With Bombar Remote Support, one can also leverage a dashboard to manage and oversee active remote support sessions in real-time. If necessary, you can take over or transfer the session to another rep.

  • Remote Control Security

    Bomgar Remote Support can limit sharing to specific applications and the user and technician can control what may be shared. You can use your existing LDAP or Active Directory to create Bomgar users. Furthermore, you can connect RADIUS for multi-factor authentication and Kerberos or SAML for single sign-on. Pass local smart card or common access card (CAC) credentials to a remote computer, enabling elevated permissions during remote assistance. You can also specify permissions for a remote support session based on the support portal the customer came through or even the specific endpoint being supported. Finally, there is accountability; reports tell who was in control and who performed which actions during support sessions.

  • Beyond Remote Control

    Bomgar Remote Support can record remote sessions for later use (and it collects a detailed audit trail of each iteration). You can share sessions with other technicians to work on a problem together, or with an outside vendor. Beyond support, many of Bomgar Remote Support’s features lend themselves well to training scenarios.

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  1. Bomgar is good. Additionally, you can also use on premise R-HUB remote support servers for remotely accessing computers from anywhere anytime. It provides a simple and easy to use interface and works from behind the firewall, hence better security.


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