Antamedia Remote Control

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Anamedia Remote Control
“Remotely control your computers, work remotely, provide customer help, help desk service, stream presentation to multiple viewers.”Antamedia


Antamedia Remote Control is a very low-cost, Windows-only remote control solution. Antamedia’s list of customers is both impressive and surprising for such a low cost solution. It does have some grouping and permission capabilities and even a chat capability but does not keep detailed logs, snapshots or recordings of remote control activities as you see with more expensive solutions. A “Lite” version is available for just $99, limiting use to 5 systems, whereas the “Enterprise” version supports an unlimited number of systems for just $399.

With an inexpensive solution like this, I was surprised to see security addressed— groups can be used to isolate one group of users and admins from another group. For example, you may define multiple companies as groups and assign their own administrators. Such admins will not be able to see computers from another company. There is still the concept of a Super Admins, who can connect to any computer in the network.

Key things to know

  • Remote Gateway

    A remote gateway is provided to facilitate communication between the Remote Host and Remote Control applications. It decides which user may login or access another computer. It is to be installed on a computer with a static IP, that can be accessed by all computers in the network.

  • Remote Control

    The Antamedia Remote Control application is provided to actually login to a system and remotely control any connected user session. You can view the desktop and also copy files and chat with remote users. As a technician, it is also possible to share a part of your desktop for tutorial purposes.

  • Remote Host

    The Antamedia Remote Host application is a system agent to be installed on computers that are to be controlled remotely. Multiple groups of users or organizational units can be specified, while limiting control of systems without specific rights to do so. Two such remote host applications are provided one can be installed as a service and as such, may be used on unattended systems, the other is a lite version suitable for customer support. The lite version does not require an account to be created on the Gateway (instead a end user may type their own name to make the connection).

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