PackManager for App-V

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PackManager for App-V (Pack Man)
“Administer App-V clients remotely, reduce user impact and achieve user acceptance faster while increasing the quality of the package.”Raynet


PackManager for App-V (also known as Pack-Man) was developed by Roadmap Technologies and is distributed through RayNet. It is part of the Raynet Packaging Suite, RayQC Enterprise, RayPack Enterprise and some other RayNet SKUs and can also be purchased individually.

Key things to know

  • Speed Packaging Projects

    PackManager for App-V lets you streamline user acceptance testing by immediately deploying, updating and making available packages on individual systems. Deployment takes time, and with this solution, you can save significant time, especially if you consider testing normally requires multiple updates and deployments.

  • App-V Troubleshooting and Testing

    PackManager for App-V will let you remotely view published applications, sync for updates and retrieve new applications. View all troubleshooting data regarding App-V packages in one place (App-V client event logs) and easily stop and start services. You can update systems with minimal user interruption by ensuring other applications maintain availability during testing.

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