Professional Development Systems (PDS)

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Professional Development Systems (PDS)
“Since 1989 PDS become the most successful Benelux distributor, partner and licensed supplier of complementary tools for the professional system administrator, software developer and licensing manager.”PDS


Professional Development Systems (PDS) may be best known for their annual events focused on application packaging and management. Originally the Packaging Event, the scope has expanded and the name with it as AppManagEvent. I’ve had the pleasure of taking part for several years and it is a great event which I hope we can see in the USA some day.

Everyone I’ve met and dealt with at PDS has been both extremely professional and knowledgable. They have many partners and connections in the industry as a long time provider of packaging and management related services and training.

Key things to know

  • Professional Consultation Services

    Professional Development Systems (PDS) has a well trained team that is ready to be deployed to assist with OS and application migration, application virtualization, or development projects. Among the experience they have listed for their SysAdmin team: Flexera AdminStudio, AppPortal, and Workflow Manager. Avecto Privilege Guard. Setup Commander. SCCM/MDT, App-V. Raynets RayPack, RayFlow, RayEval, RayQC and RayCheck.

  • Admin Training

    Professional Development Systems (PDS) train on several packaging, software distribution and security products including Flexera, Raynet, Avecto, and Microsoft (PDS also resells these and other products). They also facilitate training from some well known industry speakers such as Sami Laiho, Johnan Arwidmark, Tim Mangan and others.

  • App Manage Event

    If you are lucky enough to be nearby or are able to travel, I highly recommend this great annual event organized by PDS. It always has some great speakers, sponsors and is a well-organized and focused event. Check out the event site for details and session videos from past events.


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