What About ITNinja?

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One question that has come up often is, “What does this mean for ITNinja?”. Honestly, I can not speak for the future of the site as I am no longer affiliated with it. The only real overlap between AppDetails and ITNinja is that of the software tip library, which was something I conceived long ago and wanted to continue to maintain apart from ITNinja. I am speaking with Quest about possibly taking over their Software Tip database in the future but in light of their recent acquisition this is not a priority for them at the moment— so I don’t expect to see any potential data migration before Spring 2017.

Speaking independently, I believe that ITNinja has evolved into a great home for users of KACE products. Therefore, I really do not feel it as a competitive community. AppDetails is a product agnostic community that will not be focused on any particular products. There is already a lot of content covering the many solutions on the market, but with a focus on capabilities and opinions and not on “how-to information”. Rather, product discussions are more about what product to choose, opinions of solutions, vendors, etc. and much less about how to accomplish something with any specific solution.

I personally think this independence is critical to the success of AppDetails as a community. When AppDeploy was independent, most every trainer or systems management support team was very comfortable pointing it out as a place to get answers. Its becoming a property of KACE, then Dell, now Quest, that has increasingly hurt the AppDeploy/ITNinja community from the standpoint of attracting the widest and most diverse audience possible. In the end, I believe that the larger and more diverse the participating users, the more valuable a resource it will be.

I am proud to have created AppDeploy, and I’m proud of how ITNinja evolved to the state it is today. But with ITNinja being attractive to what are primarily users of the KACE products, I’m very comfortable taking the non-product conversations to AppDetails while wishing the very best for ITNinja and its future.

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