Easy Software Deployment (ESD)

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Easy Software Deployment (ESD)
“With Easy Software Deployment, rolling out company software is a piece of cake! Easy Software Deployment is developed for and by application specialists who want to manage application installations hassle free”Provolve IT


Easy Software Deployment is an application deployment solution for Windows servers and workstations. Naturally, it supports Windows 10, but still also supports Windows XP. It requires no dedicated servers or databases making it very easy to setup and use. Its lightweight and portable nature also makes it fast to use. It also claims to be a very low cost solution, but pricing is not disclosed requiring you to contact them for details. It offers a wizard based interface for adding new applications, no matter if they are to be locally installed, virtually deployed or even installed per user.

Key things to know

  • Application Deployment

    As the name Easy Software Deployment would suggest, this is what ESD does best. Any command line deployment is supported, so as long as silent install parameters exist, there is no repackaging required. You can run installations at logon, system start up or on demand. Easy Software Deployment also supports basic metering and can track usage against the number of licenses purchased. It is built to support most every deployment package format including VBScript, PowerShell, Batch Scripts, Windows Installer, Legacy Setups, Microsoft App-V (4 & 5), and VMware ThinApp.

  • Deployment Targeting

    Easy Software Deployment lets you target users and devices. You can also create, manage and configure start menu shortcuts. You can also push permission changes for files, folders and registry hives. ESD allows you to schedule both the deployment and removal of software allowing you to configure an expiration date for software to automatically expire or uninstall. It also provides an Availability Calculator to help you determine what is available to which user(s), group(s) and/or computer(s).

  • ESD Architecture

    The Software Deployment Manager Console is the sole interface for the solution and provides a single point of administration for all systems. It is portable enough that you could copy the whole folder to another system to run it there if desired. The interface was modeled after other systems to provide an intuitive user experience and leverages Active Directory to take advantage of your existing organizational groupings. It manages target systems with agents which can be deployed right from the Manager Console, and can keep themselves up to date by automatically upgrading to the latest version as new releases become available.

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