1e Nomad

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1e Nomad
“Cost-effective, low-touch method for your IT staff to efficiently manage software deployment.”1e


1e Nomad offers as a way to simplify and minimize the costs of managing a distributed Systems Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) environment. It allows you to minimize the need for secondary sites and distribution points in order to support a large, dispersed organization across multiple sites and subnets.

1e Nomad reduces the typical need for a large server footprint by as much as 95% by leveraging a dynamic, peer based distribution model. It automatically elects a master PC from each location and can automatically downgrade and elect alternative systems based on availability. It is designed to do this for all SCCM data including applications, packages, software updates (including updates for Office365 applications), drivers, boot images, and WIMs. 1e Nomad simply enhances SCCM and does not require a separate or competitive infrastructure or management.

1e Nomad works out of the box without configuration, and dynamically adapts to changes in the network. It also has its own Quality of Service capabilities to ensure minimal impact to the priority network traffic so that you can transfer large amounts of data without fear of impacting the business.

A PXE agent is installed on all 1e Nomad clients and provides its own dynamic PXE capability so you need not select a dedicated PXE server or worry about your network configuration or security. You can also leverage 1e Nomad for Peer-Backup and restore using USMT. Nomad ensures that data is backed up securely to multiple machines to a peer chosen as most appropriate, and then restored when required. Finally, 1e Nomad can also be used to switch devices from BIOS emulation mode to UEFI with no manual intervention, which is important for enabling high security features in Windows 10.

Key things to know

  • Dynamic Bandwidth Throttling

    1e Nomad uses a master-to-peer methodology to maximize throughput and speed of sharing content from the downloading (or cached) master to other requesting peer clients. At the same time it is also resilient to any client outages and is able to avoid any single points of failure in the process. A Nomad master is elected to this role based on a number of criteria such as chassis type, uptime, resources and OS to ensure it is the best possible candidate for the role. As it is downloading, it is simultaneously sharing this content with up to six peers at any one time. Nomad leverages Microsoft Remote Differential Compression on SCCM distribution points to create what is referred to as a Nomad RDC. Nomad RDC uses the RDC APIs to create intelligent binary-level differences of files between package versions so only data that really needs to be moved across the network makes the trip.

  • Reducing SCCM Infrastructure Requirements

    One of 1e Nomad’s main premises is to enhance Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, and it does this by leveraging the native infrastructure components for the most efficient and optimal design to meet an organization’s requirements. Nomad is not designed simply to eliminate all Distribution Points from a CM design but to enable a more efficient design. This can result in a reduction or elimination at all levels – Primary, Secondary and Distribution Point servers as well as the complete removal of the server requirement for PXE Service Points and State Migration Points to additionally support a robust and efficient zero-touch operating system deployment strategy.

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