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ManageEngine Desktop Central
“A single pane of glass for complete desktop management”ManageEngine


ManageEndinge Desktop Central is a complete systems management solution for Windows, Mac and Linux systems. It integrates with their service desk, patching and MDM solutions.

ManageEngine Desktop Central is available in four editions starting with a free edition that is fully functional for up to 25 computers and 25 mobile devices. Fully functional means what it says, and includes remote control so there is quite a lot of value in this free edition. There is also a Patch Edition (focused on patch management), a professional edition and an enterprise edition. [Compare editions]

Licensing is straight-forward and published on their site as $645 for professional and $795 for enterprise which gets you an annual subscription for 50 computers an a single technician. The lower priced Patch edition ($345) also exposes you to the enterprise functionality by including an enterprise license for up to 25 computers.

Key things to know

  • Endpoint Systems Management

    ManageEngine Desktop Central handles several systems management tasks including software deployment, remote control, power management, and USB management. Predefined templates are provided for the deployment of many common software applications. It is able to install software applications as a specific user using a “Run As” option. You can apply power schemes, turn off screen savers, shutdown inactive computers and cut your energy costs. A web-based remote control capability is included with recording capabilities and an integrated chat feature. A secure USB feature provides centralized control over the usage of various USB devices in the network by blocking/disabling the USB devices to prevent unauthorized download and upload activities through these local computer devices. Such restrictions can be set both at the computer level and at the user level.

  • Patch Management

    The Patch Management capabilities of ManageEngine Desktop Central not only does patch deployment, but also scans for network vulnerabilities, identifies missing security patches and hotfixes, and quickly applies the patches to mitigate risk. Patches are managed for Windows, Mac, Linux and third-party application patch management. It discovers what is relevant, scans for what is missing and can automatically remediate systems. It is also offers automatic handling of patch interdependencies and patch sequencing and can manage anti-virus updates for Microsoft Forefront Client Security software.

  • Asset Management

    ManageEngine Desktop Central provides both software and hardware discovery and inventory. It can manage software licenses, detect prohibited software on the network, provide software usage statistics and provide configurable alerts. It can manage hardware warranty information and includes several out-of-the-box reports to get a quick view of your network inventory.

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