Application Virtualization Explorer

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Gridmetric Application Virtualization Explorer
“The premier App-V package editor and administrator’s companion”Gridmetric


Application Virtualization Explorer (AVE) is aimed at making the post processing tasks for App-V packages as easy as possible. It supports App-V v4 and v5 packages. Application

Virtualization Explorer is licensed per user at $495 for the professional edition, and $395 for the standard edition. The key difference between the two editions is that only the professional edition supports older (pre-v5.0) App-V packages. It requires Windows 7 or later and (with the professional edition) the following versions of App-V:

  • SoftGrid 2.X
  • SoftGrid 3.X
  • SoftGrid 4.0/4.1/4.2
  • App-V 4.5
  • App-V 4.6
  • App-V 5.0
  • App-V 5.1
  • Windows 10 App-V

Key things to know

  • Review App-V packages

    Know exactly what was captured or converted into your App-V packages with a intuitive browser utility. Review tile and registry entries as well as configuration data, package scripts, and integration subsystems. Clean up your packages, or simply review them to know exactly what is inside to avoid unexpected issues that may occur due to the inclusion of accidental details.

  • Edit App-V packages

    While viewing your App-V packages with Application Virtualization Explorer, you can also make changes. You can add, edit, delete as well as import and export entries. It is able to manipulate plain-text files (OSD, SPRJ and XML files) but also contents of the the binary package file (.APPV file or .SFT file). Package scripting in App-V packages can be challenging to maintain and manage, but user, machine, application and package level scripting is supported and an integrated script editing interface is provided as well.

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