Kaseya VSA

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Kaseya VSA
“Transform your business with a fully integrated IT management platform – empowering you to improve your business with the tools and services that mean the most to IT Departments and MSPs today.”Kaseya


Kaseya VSA is best known as serving the Managed Service Provider (MSP) market, but is well suited to address the needs of individual organizations.

It features remote monitoring and management, remote control, patch management, audit & inventory, network performance and anti-virurus & anti-malware capabilities.

They integrate with their own service desk solution Business Management Solution (BMS) and have a Cloud Backup solution powered by Acronis. Kaseya Traverse Monitoring is another product VSA can extend to. This monitoring solution is available on-premise, in-the-cloud, or hybrid. Finally, in support of their MSP focused market, Kaseya offers NOC Services help service providers scale, including monitoring and management services to supplement in-house resources.

Key things to know

  • Management Features

    It’s remote control capability is optimized for low bandwidth connections, offers many control and security functions and can record screen activity. It’s patch management solution scans the network for installed and missing patches and can automate patch deployment. Kaseya VSA also offers it’s own integrated anti-virus solution powered by Kapersky Labs.

  • Monitoring Features

    Kaseya Network Monitoring is an agent-less feature that supports Windows, VMware, Linux, Cisco IOS and 20 other operating systems covering a wide range of networking devices, web, database and email servers, log files and Windows performance counters. It’s Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) capabilities can alert on several triggers such as changes to hardware and software. It includes user defined monitoring options as well as obvious things like alerting you if a server goes down or disk space is running low.

  • Automation Features

    Kaseya VSA’s automation engine is a web-based platform aimed at being both powerful and easy to use. It supports the ability to audit and inventory, discover devices on the network, enforce policies, handle backup and disaster recover, deploys software and patches and remediate service desk tickets. It is highly extensible in that it is driven by scripts built by Kaseya as well as other users of Kaseya VSA. I find this last aspect to be a powerful one and one that can be a key differentiator for Kaseya. Not only can you buy solutions created by other parters and users, but you can sell your own by publishing them in its Automation Exchange. This is actually a capability I tried to get into the KACE roadmap for years, so I’m excited to see Kaseya managed to pull it off.

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