Package on Demand

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Package on Demand
“A new and better way of managing your applications. Reduce time and cost by downloading your applications fully ready for distribution tot your whole organization”WiNC Solutions


Package on Demand offers a package store that is populated by the applications you request and pay for using a credit system. The packaging process utilizes an online scum board where you provide applications for packaging, and see their progress as they get to the QA phase for you to accept or reject based on the results of your review and testing.

Key things to know

  • Transparency

    Package on Demand provides insight to the process of building your packages using an agile SCRUM board. The status of all requests and where they are in the process is available to view at any time. You can even call and speak to the engineer working on your request to ask questions as needed.

  • Update Notifications

    Package on Demand will provide notification with a newer version of a package is available for download in their store. Apart from keeping you up to date with the latest, these update packages are provided at a reduced rate.

  • Package Store

    Hundreds of packages are ready to download, and you can also download the packages you’ve requested, from a package store interface. If you need specific customizations of ready-made packages, Package on Demand reports to be able to address most requests within a day. All packages you have requested are available as well as a view of the very latest versions of your packages.

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