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InstEd Plus
“InstEd is a Free msi editor built for professionals. Over 100,000 downloads and counting. Independently reviewed and awarded the 5 star editor’s pick.”TNE Enterprises


A popular ORCA replacement, InstEd Plus by TNE Enterprises is a Windows Installer editor with several key benefits over the free solution offered by Microsoft. There is a free version as well, but the “Plus” edition is only $39 so please support the author and purchase a license if you find it valuable. Get Plus; it includes a 30 day trial period.

InstEd Plus offers validation profile support, MSI file differencing, and other features you’ll welcome. Further, it can Build and rebuild cabs from the Media table, you can import regedit files (.reg) into components, and it offers command line validation. It even includes a script editor for custom actions, with syntax checking.

InstEd Plus has not seen any updates in a couple of years, but one could argue that updates are simply not needed.

Key things to know

  • MSI Editing

    The whole focus of InstEd Plus is to provide an editor for Windows Installer setup files, and with such focus InstEd features are rather technical. It provides full relationship mapping between all rows, including formatting fields referencing components, files, properties and directories. As such, updates can be cascaded appropriately when editing a referenced row. For example, renaming a directory row will optionally udpate everything that references that row, including formatted fields. Similarly, deletions can be cascaded when deleting a parent row. For example, deleting a component row optionally deletes everything belonging to the component. InstEd also supports transforms and even lets you apply and un-apply multiple transforms to see their cumulative effects.

  • Built In Help

    InstEd Plus highlights broken relationships in the MSI database and provides a explanation as to what is wrong. It also provide context sensitive help referencing the Windows Installer SDK and offers tooltips showing exact meaning of flag fields. It can make it easier to view your MSI by optionally hiding empty tables. Auto-completion of entires is provided where possible.

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    1. Totally agree, however, there’s a big search going for the developer. It isn’t possible to buy the Plus version for 2 years now!


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