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Ninite Pro
“Install and Update All Your Programs at Once. No toolbars. No clicking next. Just pick your apps and go.”Secure by Design


Ninite Pro by Secure By Design generates silent installations for a long list of popular software titles. A free version exists for working just with the local computer and is geared more toward consumers than IT professionals. Ninite Pro supports 115 popular software titles as of March 2017.  It does not aim to compete on the raw number of apps available. Ninite’s goal is to offer a list addresses the common 90% of apps that most people use.
The free online version helps you to generate a single download that contains a series of selected silent software installations. You simply check the applications you want and click a button to download the automated installer/updater.
Ninte supports Windows XP SP 3 and later, including both workstation and server installations.

Key things to know

  • Application Patching

    Ninite Pro can update as well as install selected applications. It monitors supported applications for updates and automatically makes them available for deployment. As most installers are also capable of in-place updates, Ninite is aware of which require an extra step such as needing to run an automated uninstall firsts, and handles the situation appropriately. Ninite Pro automatically downloads and installs the proper 64-bit or 32-bit versions of applications and also picks setups that match the PC’s language setting. There’s no client to install and Ninite discovers and updates apps even if they weren’t installed with Ninite.

  • Configurable Options

    Ninite Pro includes an option to turn off application update notifications that are generated by software such as Java and Reader. It can instead, help you to handle their updates in the background. It also offers command line support and the ability to run completely silent itself. It can uninstall applications and can make use of a local cache so that each client need not download sources from online. Ninite Pro offers documentation how it may be combined with several popular remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools so you can use the packages produced with Ninite with an existing Systems Management solution you may already have in place.

  • Simple By Design

    Ninite Pro is smart enough to keep its solution simple by rejecting features that would result in complexity. Examples include, being able to specify custom installation locations (it calls unnecessary), displaying download progress (it calls distracting), and including drivers (it calls it complex due to hardware variances and reboot requirements).

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