Access Computer Consulting

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Access Computer Consulting
“Let us manage your application portfolio from request through to deployment”Access Computer Consulting


Access Computer Consulting is a UK based service provider specializing in application management and Windows 10 migration services. They have a number of home-grown tools they utilize in their services including Access Tech Portal for self-help systems management and Access Agent which performs remote management and notification tasks. Finally, there is Access CAPTURE which is their solution for managing packaging projects from beginning to end providing discovery, packaging and testing roles as covered in more details below.

Key things to know

  • Application Discovery

    Access Computer Consulting offers Access CAPTURE to automate discovery tasks such as gathering of the source media, install instructions, configuration settings and technical detail required to package an application accurately. Results can be then used to create a Change Management Database if you do not already have one or can compliment and integrate with any existing CMDB you may have in place.

  • Application Packaging

    They packaging in their UK offices, but have global reach if required. Their key principals are keeping application packaging simple and maintaining current and future technologies. Their Access CAPTURE solution will package your application using chosen technology format, inclusive of dependencies.

  • Application Testing

    Critical to satisfaction when it comes to packaging, are solid test results. Again leveraging Access CAPTURE, Access Computer Consulting provides functional, acceptance and end user experience testing.


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