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“LogicDS can migrate your entire company to Windows 10 in record time. We will migrate your OS, all data, all settings, and all supported applications. This can be done either in-place or to a new PC.”LogicDS


Based in Aurora, Illinois and founded in 1997, Logical Deign Solutions (LogicDS) is a technology service provider specializing in IT Optimization following ITIL processes. They offer design, implementation, and management infrastructure solutions. LogicDS provides application management services through a series of simple workshops, followed with process implementation.

LogicDS purchased much of Intrinsic’s intellectual property in 2015. This includes Swimage as well as all patents for OS deployment processes.

Key things to know

  • OS Migrations Services

    LogicDS has been performing desktop deployments and migrations for over 20 years. Their process utilizes a “thin” image with a layering approach providing the fewest images with the most flexibility possible. By providing such as a fully automated solution, the service desk may easily leverage reimaging as a tool for solving PC related issues.

  • Application Management

    Logical Design Solutions provide application management via a series of simple workshops, followed with process implementation. These workshops include: application inventory (to determine what is installed on every PC), application rationalization (to determine what is needed for your business), application compatibility analysis (to determine what will run properly in the future), application remediation (to ensure what is needed will run in the future), application repackaging (to ensure all applications can be delivered, installed, and maintained without deskside support) and infrastructure assessment (to ensure the applications can be globally managed without issues).

  • Consulting Services

    LogicDS provides a number of consulting solutions including OS Migration Services, Application Packaging Services, Domain Migration Services, System Center Configuration Manager Implementation, and System Center Operations Manager Implementation.


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