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“Your specialist for system management issues”SOFTTAILOR


SOFTTAILOR is a service provider founded in 2007 (with systems management experience going back to 1995) and located in Darmstadt, Germany. They provide many services but have a specialty in application packaging and deployment. They provide MSI as well as several application virtualization formats and have multiple pricing structures to meet your needs for on or off-site services.

Key things to know

  • Services

    SOFTTAILOR provides planning and execution of packaging, deployment and migration projects. They offer an Application Life Cycle Management Service which includes regular checks for new updates, analysis and documentation, packaging and deployment. 24/7 support is also available. Packaging services can be provided on-site on a cost-basis or off-site with fixed prices.

  • Pre-Built Packages

    A pool of popular applications are regularly prepared to documented standards which can be purchased for fixed, per-package or per-computer pricing. All are documented, MSI formatted packages free of reboots and desktop shortcuts. There are multi-language capable and are available for x86 or x64 platforms. New version are made available within 48 hours of release by the manufacturer.

  • Specialized Training

    Focusing on the same specialties, SOFTTAILOR offers packaging training focused on products including: Advanced Installer, AdminStudio, and even Wise Package Studio (which, despite having reached end of life, is still a strong and popular solution for many organizations). Training is offered both at their facility and on-site. They also provide training and workshops on System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), Altiris Deployment Solution and DSM/HEATIIVANTI, a very popular deployment solution in Europe. Offering Windows 10 Deployment Seminars based on SCCM or DSM complements their Windows 10 migration services.


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