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“…we help blue chip clients control and manage their applications, rationalise license costs and create a leaner, fitter and more efficient business. We pride ourselves on our excellent service and our UK-based team is on hand to provide enthusiastic, dedicated support.”APPtechnology


APPTechnology is a London based service provider with a focus on application and systems management. They offer a wide range of related services and can be called upon to run a project or to support your existing team.

Key things to know

  • Windows Migration Service

    APPtechnology helps clients to understand their environment in order to properly plan for a migration and avoid potential problems. They can assist your team or take ownership of the delivery project based on hour needs. Packaging efforts are guaranteed for a six month period.

  • Application Management Service

    Discovery, packaging and testing services. Typically in support of a migration, they start with application identification and portfolio rationalization. Fixed price packaging services are executed by their own UK based staff and they offer testing solutions to ensure quality prior to end user distribution.

  • Legacy Application Management Service

    APPtechnology offers a legacy application focused service designed at helping you to extend the life of business critical legacy applications. For internal, or custom developed applications that would be too expensive or time-consuming to update for new operating systems, they offer a hosted service which can be hosted remotely, on premise, or as a hybrid solution.

  • SCCM Solutions Service

    Systems Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) solutions are offered to help with upgrades, implementations, migrations and can focus on enabling benefits of consumerization, power management, software license reclamation and optimization.


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