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As you may know, ROVABU Software produces Setup Commander Professional Edition which provides third party MSI Configuration Wizards as a service. What you may not know, is they also offer a Webshop Edition of this product in support of individual package sales via their Setup Store. With this, you can purchase individual packages as opposed to a subscription that gets you everything.

For a first hand look, AppDetails members are being offered support for Adobe’s Flash Player MSI’s for free!

What do I get? visitors are entitled to download these Adobe Flash Player MSI’s free of charge in the Setup Commander Webshop Edition: (business users only, one product per customer)

What does it do?

With Setup Commander Webshop Edition you’re able to download individual setups which are available in Setup Commander‘s Setup Store. In this case we grant you access to download the latest Adobe Flash Player MSI’s and to configure there with this Flash Player Configuration Wizard.

How do I get it?

Send an e-mail with your AppDetails username (only business related e-mail addresses are accepted). After ROVABU Software has received your e-mail, they will send you the download link for ‘Setup Commander Webshop Edition‘ and your credentials to login.

Does it expire?

Your account does expire, but you may request a longer period if needed.

How do I get more?

Contact and they will follow up with you shortly.

Can I see some screen shots?


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