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Roel van Bueren (of MSIwisdom) and Bob Kelly (of AppDetails) both have a long history in the packaging world and have spent their careers sharing what they have learned along the way.

Several years ago the two brainstormed the idea of a solution that would expose customizations to vendor MSIs in a user-friendly way, potentially eliminating the need to research and dissect each setup to find out what it was capable of. Essentially providing a custom installation wizard for third party applications, based both on understanding of the way things normally work, and personal and community exposure of the may application (and version) specific tips and tricks. Roel later formed ROVABU Software and realized this dream with the release of Setup Commander. See Bob’s review of the Setup Commander here.

In support of ROVABU Software, Roel created which has shared blog posts covering the details of some of the most popular titles researched in support of their software for over 12 years. Today, we are happy to announce that MSIwisdom is moving to

AppDetails filled the hole that AppDeploy left since it became a KACE product support site under the name ITNinja. Once again a product agnostic community, AppDetails has established a fresh new Software Tip library and offers several discussion forums in support of IT Management topics just like those previously covered at AppDeploy.

“When I started MSIwisdom, AppDeploy did not have a blogging capability, so it made sense to set up a simple home for such content on my own.” Said Roel van Bueren of ROVABU Software. “While the new AppDetails community is focused on discussion forums and Bob does most of the writing for the site, I was happy to accept his invitation to become a contributor.”

MSIwisdom has moved a few of its more recent articles to AppDetails and will be posting such content directly at AppDetails in the future. “I couldn’t be happier to have someone with such a perfect background take on a writing role at AppDetails.” Said Bob Kelly of AppDetails. “I spent years writing solo before AppDeploy gained any traction so I really see this as an early win for this new community!”.

In recognition of this new relationship, AppDetails members are invited to download a custom Configuration Wizard for Adobe Flash Player, via Setup Commander Webshop Edition. Click here for more details.

Check out AppDetails discussion forums, tip library and extensive product coverage for valuable information about enterprise products and the tools available to manage them. The community is free and participation earns points that can be rewarded for real gifts that are available to ship worldwide.

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