Cherwell Service Management

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Cherwell Service Management
“Automate And Innovate With Cherwell® Service Management”Cherwell Software


Cherwell Service Management is a leading solution in the service desk market. It provides ITIL process support making it a good fit for larger organizations. It provides a self-service portal, dashboards and offers a extensive customization and third-party integration support. It offers a simple all-inclusive licensing model which allows you to leverage its full capabilities as needed without securing licenses for enhancements and extensions. It can be purchased as a perpetual license or a subscription and can be hosted by Cherwell at their datacenter, on-premise within your own datacenter or it can be hosted leveraging a third party cloud provider such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS.

Key things to know

  • Mergeable Application Technologies

    You can quickly and easily add capabilities to your service desk implementation leveraging what are referred to as mApp solutions. These mApp solutions are built by either Cherwell or any of its partners and customers and can be accessed via an online community-driven marketplace. Some are free and some are not, but the are hundreds to choose from in the Cherwell Community (which is fairly active).

  • Self Service Portal

    A self-service portal is a must have for any serious service desk solution and Cherwell provides one that is highly customizable with a focus on being easy to customize (requiring minimal expertise). Many reports, dashboards and processes are provided out of the box and can be modified without the need to code or script— everything is point and click, drag and drop. It is even possible to integrate dashboards and reporting into your portals for managers and executives without consuming additional admin licenses.

  • Ticket Management and Incident Tracking

    Of course ticketing and incident tracking are the most critical capabilities of any ITSM solution. Cherwell Service Management provides a customizable workflow system allows you to implement a service catalog that can automate the fulfillment of requests and/or collect as much information as desired and route the request to desired teams for actions and approvals. Built for automating IT related issues, it can be extended to automate many other workflows you may wish to better control throughout your organization.

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