Free Application Management Training

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Free (or incredibly cheap it you don’t want to participate) training on Application Packaging and Deployment is now available exclusively here at

In this session, I cover packaging, repackaging, discovery, software inventory, software usage and metering, software rationalization, reducing your application risk, application research, the pros and cons of legacy setups and repackaging, customizing vendor setups, testing, deployment, patching and updating applications, and application retirement. Get it all in this 40 minute session!

I was contracted to generate material for an online training service, but that service shut down just as I delivered my session. A bummer, but potential great news for AppDetails. This training was to sell for over $500, but is available here for 100 contributor points. You can also pay $10 which is way too low, but I wanted to keep the point requirement down to 100 and that’s how the conversion works. AppDetails is doing great as a resource for people investigating application and systems management products, but its success as a community relies entirely on your participation. My hope is that the hours spent developing this training will help encourage your crucial contributions to this free resource to help keep it going. Scoring points is easy, 100 points in a week is not much of a challenge…

  • 5 points for creating a free account
  • 5 points for referring a new member
  • 3 points for posting a forum topic, and 5 more for every person that “favorites” it
  • 5 points for each software tip submitted
  • You get one point just for logging in!

For a full list of activities that get you points (and how much) click here.

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