AppDetails was born nearly 20 years after its predecessor AppDeploy. Bob Kelly created in 1999, and at it’s height, this popular IT community grew to see over 800,000 visitors each month. In 2007 KACE acquired the community and took care to stick to it’s original charter as a product agnostic community; a resource for anyone using any product. Then, in 2009, when Dell acquired KACE a budget to update the community which was outgrowing its original code was secured. The site was rebuilt from the ground up as (a custom coded community hoping to expand the software topic beyond deployment).

Unfortunately, ITNinja launched before it was ready and it was initially hard to find much of the data that had made AppDeploy so valuable, As a result, many regular contributors to the site were lost. Those that remained were mostly KACE customers and today ITNinja has become difficult to distinguish from a product support site. A package knowledge base remains but it sees little activity as many did not return to see the improvements that were eventually implemented there.

Well, now it is 2017, and Bob Kelly is no longer with Dell and has established AppDetails as a product agnostic community for IT professionals to discuss and find solutions for issues surrounding software deployment, customization, and management. Further, AppDetails features a product and service Recommendation Service which allows you to receive, personalized expert advice at no cost.

What You’ll Find Here

  • The Tip Repository feature of the site helps members share tips on how to customize, deploy or manage software in an enterprise environment.
  • AppDetail is home to Discussion Forums related to all aspects of software from an IT perspective (no matter what deployment or management systems you may have in place).
  • The Resources area of the site aims to provide a high-level overview of all related products on the market as well as those service companies focused on helping with the challenges covered here at AppDetails.
  • Let AppDetails help connect you with the right products and services. AppDetails will work with you to understand the market, the competitive landscape, and ultimately help to narrow your choices in finding the ideal solution for your specific needs.
  • Finally, AppDetails is happy to host a curated collection of Industry Events to help you keep up with opportunities to learn even more.

For Businesses

  • Advertising – Get your brand in front of the right audience with banner and newsletter advertising opportunities (details).
  • Reviews – Paid product reviews are available here at AppDetails. We provide honest reviews that highlight both strengths and weaknesses. After a review is purchased and completed, you may choose if it is published or remains a private resource (details).
  • Consulting – A number of services for businesses and software vendors are provided by Bob Kelly (details).
  • Sponsor AppDetails by establishing a referral or affiliate agreement and strengthen your relationship with this invaluable resource (reach out now).
AppDetails Founder, Bob Kelly

Please know that Bob Kelly does not run the community aspects of AppDetails alone, but relies on many industry experts and community members to make this the valuable resource that it is. The current top contributors are listed below, but all 1220 members (and growing every day) make this community what it is!

  1. Riley Lim
  2. Bob Kelly
  3. Jim Boberg
  4. Yuri Verhoeks - Fikira BV
  5. Maidens
  6. Jim Fitzgerald
  7. Kenny Alabi
  8. Paul Kirk
  9. carmellamarie
  10. Banksy7
  11. Jrandalf
  12. andreig
  13. Kim Zuppe
  14. Rad33k
  15. AdminTangerine
  16. Brian Lynch
  17. pressanykey
  18. Andy Flesner
  19. Dan Gough
  20. Tim Mangan
  21. Rowan Heuvel
  22. j.delaney
  23. Dunnpy
  24. Chris Angulo-Bertram
  25. Ian Northwood

AppDetails is provided as a service of RWK Systems.

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