Advertising and Promotion Options at AppDetails

Get noticed with Advertising and Promotional opportunities at AppDetails. First of all, if you offer a product or service related to systems or application management, you won’t find a better place to gain awareness. Therefore, spend your marketing dollars wisely and target your branding efforts at the people that actually need your solutions here at AppDetails.

These days, banner advertising is less about clicks that result in purchases these days and more about getting your brand in front of a targeted audience. The members (and the many that just come for answers and leave) are the people you want to see your message. Therefore, advertising with the AppDetails is the best way to get noticed. Get your company logo, your product name, and/or a quick tagline that summarizes the value you provide in front of those you most want it to see it.

  • Top Right Box

    At the top right of each supported page, this 200×150 box banner may be shared by up to 3 sponsors. The cost is $1,200 USD per 30 day period.

  • Bottom Right Box

    At the bottom right of each supported page, this 200×150 box banner rotates between up to 5 sponsors. The cost is just $350 USD per 30 day period (with a 3 month minimum commitment totaling $1,050).

  • Product Reviews

    We also offer paid product reviews. Single page and multi-page options are available, you can even add a video along with increasing promotion benefits. Click here for details.

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