AppDetails is first and foremost an online community. It is a place to obtain and share answers to the challenges of application management.


A tip repository and discussion board are the primary areas of collaboration for the community. However, AppDetails also encourages comments and reviews in its articles area and product reviews in its online shop.


It is the intention of AppDetails to be a place where anyone, using any product, can find any solution to a challenge they face related to application management. This is a broad topic covering deployment, customization, virtualization, migration, testing, and more. It is a real challenge where every application presents its own puzzle to be solved– AppDetails is a community that shares so you can cheat at these puzzles by leveraging the experiences of your peers. Find others facing the same challenges you are and make valuable friends here for your mutual benefit.

How You Can Help

  • Participate. By creating an account and asking a question, answering a question, sharing an opinion, or just posting a comment– make it known that you are here. A successful community is an active one and so any level of participation is valuable and appreciated.
  • Share. Tell your co-workers and friends. You can create groups, connect to other profiles as friends and even send private messages. Make AppDetails your place to document the problems you overcome and to seek help of those who came before you!
  • Engage with our sponsors. See an ad? Click it, read about what AppDetails sponsors have to offer just to know about it (even if you have no current need). AppDetails may also receive commissions from its sponsors for software purchases and service engagements. Let AppDetails add value by helping ensure you are choosing the best solution for your requirements and any proceeds go back into supporting the community. Revenue generated is largely budgeted toward advertising AppDetails in order to help grow the community (and thereby its valuable content) as well as toward the purchase and shipping of givaways.