Product Reviews

AppDetails offers paid product reviews. How? Easy: an a honest review covering both strengths and weaknesses of a product is provided. Then, you decide if you wish to have it published and promoted or not.

Product Reviews or, even just a quote from a product review, can make for very effective marketing materials. Sure you say your product is good at this and that, but better is having it said by an outside expert.

Product reviews can be secured for internal use. In this way, you may get a critical look at your product from an outside expert. Then, you can update your product, roadmap or messaging to address any learned weaknesses.

Product Reviews



  • Short Review
  • About one page
  • Featured on site for 2 weeks



  • Full Review
  • Multiple pages (2+)
  • Screen shots
  • YouTube Video of 5 or more minutes
  • Featured on site for 4 weeks and in newsletter

Interested? Please contact us for availability.

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