Welcome to the services menu! AppDetails would love to help you get the services you need, and is anxious to do so at no cost to you. Leverage AppDetails Recommendation Services for deep industry knowledge and connections to match you with the best service providers in the industry. Just share your high-level needs and a technical resource at AppDetails will contact you to fully understand your requirements before helping to choose a provider that best meets your needs and budget. Below are just some of the services provided by sponsors of this community, but know that we do not limit recommendations to companies sponsoring AppDetails. Just complete this registration form to begin!

MSI Packaging

If you have a handful of tough packages you can’t manage yourself, or if you need hundreds completed in support of a migration, it is often less expensive to have it handled by a group of specialists than it is to consume your own time and resources.

App-V Packaging

There are lots of benefits to application virtualization, but acquiring the skills to implement it successfully requires time. With a steep learning curve, it may be best to have experienced professionals get you there quickly and easily.

Citrix Packaging

If you have or are planning to implement Citrix in your environment you’ll need Citrix virtual application packages to get the most out of your investment. Let experienced, certified Citrix specialists get you where you need to be.

License Audits

Are you preparing for, or dealing with, a software audit? Have a skilled team on your side to help establish required inventory reports, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

Desktop/OS Migration

As the community here at AppDetails will attest, migrating dozens or thousands of systems can be a monumental task. A smart move form many is to solicit the help of those who’ve done it many times before. It is often the most economical way to ensure a complete and successful migration with minimal headaches.

Acquisition Support

Mergers and acquisitions present a myriad of challenges. Key among them is understanding what hardware, software, licenses and contracts exist so you can accurately forecast this sometimes forgotten cost.

Citrix Integration

If you are sold on the benefits of leveraging Citrix in your organization, but are challenged by the path to realizing this goal, why not bring in the right expertise to ensure you get there as smoothly as possible?


Get the most out of your investment with official training from certified instructors or by having an expert work with you on or off-site to share knowledge less formally.