AppDetails Software Services

Register your interest in any systems management software and AppDetails will contact you to discuss your needs and provide free guidance to help you address them. Know that you will be contacted by a technical resource and not a salesperson. AppDetails will discuss requirements, let you know about competitive products and can fill you in on market or vendor-related news that may impact your decision. It is a great initial step in your purchase process without the need to immediately start talking to sales people as you work to determine the best solutions to address your needs. A high, level analysis can be performed free of charge. Furthermore, if you would like more extensive help establishing requirements and selecting the right tools, services can be provided. Finally, AppDetails can set you up with a product specialist for a presentation, demonstration or proof of concept.

Why leverage AppDetails?

AppDetails knows the market. With decades of experience to leverage, having a technical, helpful middle-man can make you to aware of competitive solutions or technologies that could save you from an uninformed decision. AppDetails also monitors the companies in this space and can provide a history or even warnings if a company has a poor reputation or if there are signs they are loosing focus on the products and services that interest you.

You are supporting the community! AppDetails receives commissions on referrals with sponsoring companies that go toward supporting and enhancing this site. That revenue means more budget to market the site, which means more participants, which means more answers to the problems you face. That said, rest assured that AppDetails can and will still discuss and recommend products from companies with whom there is no existing relationship.

And it’s free, so why not?


AppDetails has established relationships with some of the industry’s leading software providers in the application and systems management space. If as you browse the shop, you think the catalog looks sparse, know that AppDetails is regularly working to expand such connections. If you have a need for a product or solution not covered here, please let AppDetails know. Assistance can still be provided and, with your permission, we’d love to leverage your interest as an AppDetails community member as a means to help make new companies take an interest.

Aside form utilizing our shop interface to register interest in products, you may also use the AppDetails contact form to do the same (particularly for products not currently listed in the shop).