Coming Soon

The below is not yet available, but represents future plans

Introducing the AppDetails Client

The AppDetails client tool will scan your system in order to find relevant community data pertaining to your installed applications.

Beneficial content based on your installed applications are both shared and solicited:

  • tips regarding setup, customization and deployment
  • tags for software to group by category/capability (office, graphics, analytics, utilities, security tools, etc.)
    links to product pages, release notes, setup downloads
  • Help user identify if there is newer software versions than what is on their local system. Results shown are prioritized as called out on the right.

At a high level, this is how the solution will work:

  1. Downloads and launches tool on your local system
  2. You will be prompted to log in with your AppDetails account
  3. A scan for installed software and a search for App Details is performed and results are shown
  4. Some content will be dynamically generated (by reading the setup type and performing online searches for related news and release notes
  5. You will finally be encouraged to contribute by submitting dynamic content or manually entered details
  • What's New

    The tool will highlight if newer versions of software on your system are available. When possible, it will offer download links, release notes and deployment tips for these applications.

  • Community Provided App Details

    Software details matching applications found on your system will be presented.

  • Dynamically Generated App Details

    Software you have that is not yet known to will rely upon dynamic content and you will be encouraged to contribute these and other details you may have to grow our community database.