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SoftwareCentral Product Review

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At its core SoftwareCentral is all about making the power of SCCM simpler to use. SCCM is very powerful and it is often seen as “free” (or at least already paid for) by anyone with a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (which is a good majority of businesses today). Powerful features and an attractive licensing strategy has made SCCM the most popular … Read More

Raynet Packaging Suite Product Review

Bob KellyReviews3 Comments

The Raynet Packaging Suite represents an impressive set of integrated features. For this product review, I have also created an accompanying walk-through video of the product. In both the case of the video and this written review, I am attempting to cram a lot of information into a digestible size so I’ll get right into it. Setup was straight forward … Read More

Setup Commander 2.0 Product Review

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Setup Commander generates transform files (MST) for selected MSI packages and provides silent installation parameters for legacy setups. Packages can be easily created directly in SCCM, MDT or ZENworks Configuration Management, or it can create packages easily imported into solutions without connectors such as RES One Automation, the KACE Systems Management Appliance, Active Directory GPOs or other deployment solutions. You … Read More

Liquit v2.4 Product Review

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I think workspace management is an interesting topic for AppDetails so I’m happy to have had the opportunity to get a deep dive on Liquit in preparation for a Liquit review. They set me up with an Azure hosted environment, though they did say most customers choose to install it on premise. In some due diligence, I did look at … Read More