Choosing The Right Service Provider

Don’t choose the wrong provider for your project!

It only makes sense to have another group come in and take care of a task if it would cost you more to do it yourself, or (and maybe worse) if doing it yourself could cause a negative business impact if performed incorrectly.

A service provider that specializes in what it is you want done, has a good reputation and fits within your budget is what you seek. How do you find it? Relying upon Google search results and making several inquiries about cost will inevitably cost you a lot of time as each comes back with questions and leave you wondering if you really made the right choice.

AppDetails has established relationships with several providers of these services and can provide recommendations based on your budget and specific needs. Let us help you at no charge, by leveraging our free recommendation service.

Below are some data points, which illustrate the considerations AppDetails takes when recommending a service provider for a project…

Application Packaging Services

MSI packages? Maybe you need virtualized packages for App-V, ThinApp, XenApp, etc? You may have a tight deadline, a large number of software titles, or even specific corporate requirements that must be met. There are many things to consider if you are looking for packaging services. Some such considerations are outlined here.

Acquisition Services

Mergers and acquisitions present a myriad of challenges. Key among them is understanding what hardware, software, licenses and contracts exist so you can accurately forecast this sometimes forgotten cost. This area outlines many of the kinds of data that should be collected and how providers can help you to generate valuable reports for a smooth transition with minimal surprises.

Training Services

Windows Migration Services

What product rationalization and security reviews should be completed before building a new gold image? How fast can systems be rolled out and what will be the impact to end users? Such are all questions that may be answered based on the size and complexity of your environment. Some considerations that deserve attention when selecting a service provider for a Windows migration are outlined here.

Licensing Audit Assistance

Have you been hit with a software licensing audit? Have a skilled team on your side to help establish required inventory reports, ensuring accuracy and compliance. No matter if you are reacting to an audit or proactively getting your house in order, having experts to provide quality reports acceptable to auditors is a good idea. Selecting a service provider to perform such reports may not be as straight-forward as one might hope. We get into some things to consider here.

Looking For Something Else?

While the service above are the focus here at AppDetails, our many partners have a wide range of services they provide. If you’d like help selecting any IT providers or Managed Service Providers (MSP), we’d be happy to do what we can. Please ask for our help and we will provide an honest response as to how much we think we can help you based on the details you provide.